Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Work in Progress

Hi, y'all.

Better late than never, I hope. Here are two books in progress. I will send one of them to jacqui this week, may be two of them. I just have to add a little color to the firepit drawing.


moly_x_2 said...

I hooked you all up to comment notification, and you will all be invited to be authors on the blog. Better late than never.

moly_x_2 said...

The password is: exchange

moly_x_2 said...

I am not going to give you excuses, only apologies.

Hey Sarah, you didn't draw in my book. Poo! I'm sending it to you after I'm done with it. You can send it to Jacqui. I enjoyed drawing next to your "life" design. It was fun blowing ink around the page as branches for my tree.