Friday, 26 September 2008

To the power of FOUR

These four babies are about to be shipped out to Sarah. Sorry for damming the flow for so long.

Also, I'm a blogger now, see RKNBLOG


jacqui said...

my previous post didnt take (i think), ...these are great! I love the page-energy and life to these. super.

Occam`s razor said...

Jac: you can send your pics for me I`ll put them to blog for you, if you think it`s a way please don`t hesitate to let me know!! :)

Hans: These are freaking awesome! love them all!
seems like you haven`t received my last sending, it`s Jacqui`s book! and actually you can consider to have a flickr so that you can add your pics to the gorup :p

Ernest Picasso said...

This is such an awesome idea you guys have here.

I look forward to following you guys.