Monday, 28 July 2008

illogical murmur

mloy_x 02 Sarah`s book
moly_x 02 my book
This is my entries in Sarah`s book and mine, finished in these two days.

will send out to the next person soon.



jacqui said...

hi joyce,
these both look fun and interesting, sort of theatrical, I like. next moly now on its way. it was interesting to do, as I took the part of Marty's wonderful drawing and sort of continued with it. I will post an image to flickr, it is better than nothing, but would really appreciate it if you could do a photo and put it on the blog when it arrives, unless a miracle happens and the ongoing problems I've been having with posting disappear. have a good week , are you under preassure for your upcoming show? jac.

Occam`s razor said...

Hi there!
yeah I know you`ve just sent me the next one, haven`t recive it yet but I`m so excited!
you mean taking photo of the coming package? sure I `ll do that don`t worry.
well..... I`m having a big problem of my coming show, can`t come up with any new ideas......


03 September 2008

jacqui said...

Hi Joyce,
I've been thinking a little about your 'creative-block' for your up-comimg show.
You know, meybe a good idea is so close to you that you can't see it, (i.e."the forest for the trees")(pun intended!) by that I mean the drawing of the 'bed in the forest' you just did for this group.
It could very possibly develope into a very powerful and interesting series of work.
Anyway, something you might think about. I've a few ideas on where you might go with this but don't want to interfere with you own thought process. But let me know if you want me to expand a little.