Friday, 25 April 2008

I have the book of Marty!

Watch me dissect my mail with surgical precision. Apologies for crappy gif compression.

My son Klaus approves Uncle Marty's little black book.

Well, I'm off to the drawing board. Happy Skies!



Marty Harris said...

I'm a little disappointed that Klaus doesn't care for my book quite enough to suck on it. You kids have fun.

Marty Harris said...

Gif Schmif! I dig the slide show! Go, Hans, go.

Occam`s razor said...

I`m laughing aloud when I read your words Marty XP

This is REALLY cool!! I can`t do Gif image...I adore that!! will you post it to moly_x group? let`s show it off!

Hans said...

Marty: Klaus certainly did try sucking on the book, vigorously. I just didn't let him :)

Marty Harris said...

I'm honored. Thank you.


Excellent gif!! Impressed with your presentation!!