Friday, 1 February 2008

Drawing over pages

Pattern design:

My first entry in my own Moleskine.

Media: Pencil & Silver transfer

My entry in the moleskine belonging to Joyce:

Media: Ink & Collage


Moleskine Exchange said...

You're cutting and pasting, you clever thing. I dig it the most.

Sarah France said...

Thank you :)

Moleskine Exchange said...

A Few Small Repairs. I had to make a few small repairs to your entry, Sarah. I pasted the silhouette of the guy back down. He was pealing up, especially just past the fold. I am sorry that I had to paste something behind the silver plastic. It was tearing at at the fold. I spray mounted a thin sheet of moleskine paper across the back of it. Unforunately it isn't filmy, or blousey an more. I am sorry, but I was afraid it wouldn't last one more artist.


Sarah France said...

No problem, the fine glue that was over the transfer dried without hardening, and i couldn't think of another way to do it. :)